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Metro council district 17

Markus Winkler

Common sense solutions are non-partisan.

Over the past three years, Markus has proven time and again that he is a leader who is able to provide vision, accountability, and bi-partisan collaboration to handle some of the most complex problems the city has ever faced. From the budget crisis to the city’s pandemic response and civil unrest, Markus has repeatedly been at the forefront at tackling these once-in-a-generation issues. His calm and thoughtful leadership style has helped guide policy decisions across a multitude of issues.


While much has been accomplished, there is more to go.

Over the next four years, Markus plans to continue to lead on the following issues:

• Public Safety recruitment and retention to get our force strength back above 1,200 officers
• Homelessness/panhandling reduction through the expansion of shelter-to-housing initiatives and implementation of ‘Another Way’ day work program
• Future proofing our workforce through investments in training and education
•Better partnership with JCPS, focusing on public safety information sharing and identifying ways to utilize schools to deliver community services such as adult education programs
• Improvements in the re-zoning process to ensure traffic and drainage capacity constraints are given higher importance prior to the approval of new projects


Get in Touch

Have a question? Want to discuss uses facing our community? Have a suggestion for how to make things better? I’d be happy to talk to you anytime about your concerns or to answer any questions.


“Serving the residents of Louisville has been the honor of a lifetime. I am proud of the work I have done and look forward to doing even more.”

Markus Winkler, Councilman D-17