Why me?

I’m running for the District 17 seat because I bring a unique vision for how to address the key issues facing our district and our city.  Quite simply, the number one issue in our district is unchecked development and the effects it has had on traffic, drainage, and infrastructure.  We cannot continue to approve every re-zoning and redevelopment application and exponentially increase the amount of traffic on our streets and in our neighborhoods.


Additionally, as a larger community, one of the main issues we face is jobs.  Many of our other issues such as crime, affordable housing, the opioid crisis, and budget challenges are symptoms of people not having a good job. For our employers, one of the top issues is finding enough people to fill jobs.  And for our taxpayers, one of the top issues is how to pay for people that don’t have jobs.  Click the link below to learn more about my plan to address this issue.

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Why now?

Over the past few years, I have watched development after development in our district get approved by the Metro Council resulting in an exponential growth in traffic.  Drives that just a few years ago took 10 minutes now routinely take 20-plus.  Our streets are crumbling and houses are flooding as every available acre is rezoned to high-density housing.  It is time for a council person who will balance additional development with the quality of life impacts of our residents.


For our community at large, tackling the jobs issue now is key. An entry-level job is the first step on the path to the middle class for many people.  As the pace of automation increases and entry-level positions are outsourced or automated, entry into the workforce will require a higher level of specialized skills or education.  As that happens, what will happen to those members of our community without those skills?  The barrier to entry will be even higher and the social cost, both through direct taxpayer cost and indirect costs (e.g. increased crime), will become more acute.  That is why it is imperative we begin to tackle this problem now.

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Why 17?

We deserve a council person who is visible, accessible, and who will put the interests of our residents first.  My areas of focus include plans for improving traffic flows on major corridors, balancing new development with capacity constraints on overtaxed roadways, driving improved customer service and efficiency in government services and improving the visibility of and communication from the Metro Council office.

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District 17

District 17 includes the suburban cities of Anchorage, Broeck Pointe, Creekside, Fincastle, Hickory Hill, Langdon Place, Lyndon, Manor Creek, Meadow Vale, Rolling Hills, Ten Broeck, Westwood and Worthington Hills. It also includes the neighborhoods of Bay Colony, Bluegrass Fields, Brooks of Hickory Hollow, Brownhurst Manor, Brownsboro Glen, Brownsboro Woods, Chamberlain Place, The Coves, Craigs Creek, Eagles Cove, Evergreen Farms, Forest Springs, Forest Springs North, Graystone Manor, Hickory Hollow, Indian Springs, Nutwood, Old Brownsboro Gardens, Park Place, Sawyer Place, Silver Creek, Springhurst, Wemberly Hill and Wyndham Place.


Where to find me...

Have a question?  Want to discuss the issues facing our community?  Have a suggestion for how to make things better?

I'd be happy to talk to you about your concerns or answer any questions.